The Packs & Territories

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The Packs & Territories

Post by Nova (Admin) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:26 am

The Pack of the Sandy Shore is made up of spunky, hyper, playful, and adventurous dogs. Their camp is located on a deserted beach in the northeastern part of Parenia, where it’s almost always sunny and the waves crash rhythmically against the shore and seagulls fly overhead. This Pack preys on salmon and trout.

The Pack of the Rocky Crags is the perfect Pack for dignified, protective, secretive, and noble dogs who never back down from a fight. Their camp is in the in the northwestern area of Parenia, located in a craggy patch of mountains where waterfalls crash down from boulders and dark caves shelter the Pack. This Pack preys on raptors, mice, and voles.

The Pack of the Grassy Hills is a Pack consisting of honorable, hospitable, outgoing, sweet, and goofy dogs. Their camp is located in the southwestern part of Parenia and is on a large open field dotted with patches of flowers and rabbit burrows. This Pack preys on rabbits, mice, and moles.

The Pack of the Shady Trees is a Pack built of strong, unforgiving, alert, active, and athletic dogs. Their camp is in the southeastern part of Parenia and is located at the heart of a sunny but isolated forest, dense in some areas but skirted with clearings and streams. This Pack preys on sparrows, squirrels, moles, and rabbits.

Painted Meadows is a huge sloped area covered in flowers and streams in the middle of all the territories. It is accessible to all the Packs and is also accessible to loners. Bloodshed is not permitted at Painted Meadows and only loners can hunt here. Prey from the Pack territories wander into Painted Meadows and no longer belong to the Packs.
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