Rules of Roleplaying

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Rules of Roleplaying

Post by Nova (Admin) on Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:54 pm

1. No cursing or other inappropriate language is allowed.
2. Roleplaying can only be done in third person.
3. Personal messages outside of character are not permitted in our roleplaying forums.
4. Characters can not have attributes unrealistic for dogs to have. Special needs and mildly disabled characters are permitted.
5. Users are not allowed to roleplay unless their application has been approved.
6. Users can not control the actions of another user's character.
7. Characters can not be successful at dodging every attack or attacking another character.
8. Another user's character can only be killed if the user agrees to it.
9. Characters are not allowed in other packs' territories unless it is urgent, there is a truce, or the the character is delivering a message.
10. Have fun!
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